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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Battle of Badr (Ghazwa-é-Badar) - a battle between Truth and falsehood (17 Ramadan 624 AD )

"The Muslim army was not more than 313-317 men while enemy have 1300 strong well-equipped, well trained solders with great number of horses and camels, Muslims have only two horses and 70 camels to ride. Most of them did not even possess simple weapons to fight; some had swords but no bows and arrows, while others possessed spears but no swords. The army was not well equipped, nor well prepared for war. Moreover, the Muslims were old, sick, starving and weak. But pleased with the words and willingness of the Sahabah to fight the disbelievers and putting all trust in Allah, the Prophet (sallallahu alaihe wa-sallam) marched towards the wells of Badr and Get victory, from after ward Islam spread to whole Arab countries and all over the world"



After the arrest of Gulzar Ahmed, the 17 suspects that were accused in the FIR report of participating in the Sialkot incident were also arrested.

Recently in Sialkot, two young boys were beaten and hung to death by a crowd while the police stood by and watched the incident take place.

After the arrest of Gulzar Ahmed, the 17 suspects that were accused in the FIR report of participating in the Sialkot incident were also arrested.

According to a Dawn correspondent, new developments of the case will be expected tomorrow. 

Police sources said among the arrested people included Muhammad Akram (33), who had tied the arms and legs of Muneeb Butt and Mughees Butt who were later lynched by a mob on pretext of their role in a robbery and murder in the village. 

Police quoted Akram as saying that he had got ropes from Rescue 1122 officials on Daska Road and tied up the hands and legs of the two brothers.

He said the village mob, infuriated at the death of their village fellow by some robbers on resistance, dragged the youths on various roads and later lynched them at Doburji Malhiyaan Chowk, a few yards from Rescue 1122 Sialkot station. 

Twenty-one people have been arrested by police in the case. Police have yet to arrest 14 policemen nominated in the case for their alleged role in the lynching. 

On Sunday, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had given a 48-hour deadline to police officials to arrest the fugitive police officials, which expired on Tuesday without any development. 

According to the first information report, then Sadar station house officer (SHO) Rana Ilyas, sub-inspector Gulzar Khan, four assistant sub-inspectors and eight constables showed negligence in the incident. Police arrested the SHO who later fled the police custody on Aug 21. 

Inspector General Tariq Saleem Dogar visited Sialkot late on Monday. He told reporters all accused would be dealt with iron fist. He said he was monitoring the investigation of the incident. 

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has suspended former Sialkot district police officer (DPO) Waqar Ahmad Chohan on the recommendations of Mr Sharif. 

A three-pronged inquiry is going on into the case. 
JI threats
Following alleged threats of violence by the public and Jamaat-i-Islami and Shabab-i-Milli activists, police have been deployed at village Buttar to avert any untoward incident. The families of the suspects have gone underground in a bid to avert their possible arrests. 

Senior police officials say they had got information that the public, including Jamaat-i-Islami and Shabab-i-Milli activists, might set the village on fire.

Judicial commission completes probeThe special judicial commission on Tuesday completed inquiry into the lynching tragedy.

Constituted by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the commission will submit the report with its recommendations to the apex court.

The commission recorded the statements of more than 113 people, including members of the grieved family, police officials, journalists, doctors, Rescue 1122 officials and the district administration officials.

At a press conference, judicial commission head Justice Kazim Ali Malik (retired) said the probe was transparent and impartial. He said the apex court would bring the culprits to book.

Justice Kazim, the Anti-Corruption Punjab director general, said he would submit the report to the Supreme Court within a couple of days.

He said the report had details of inquiry and recommendations by the judicial commission.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Inquiry commission completes inquiry about the Sialkot Incident by Geo News

SIALKOT: Justice Kazim Ali Malik (retd), head of Supreme Court inquiry commission constituted to probe the barbaric incident of lynching of two brothers in Sialkot, has completed the inquiry into the incident.

During a press conference, he said that enough evidences have been collected to ascertain the truth.

However, he would submit the report to the Supreme Court, which is the only authority to give ruling in this regard.

He did not spell out any of the founding, saying that he is not authorised to reveal anything.

 Sialkot brothers’ parent critic of probe body

SIALKOT: A joint investigative body, formed by Punjab Government, has commenced probe into murder of two brothers in Sialkot but their parent have voiced grave concerns over its impartiality, Geo News reported Monday.

The probe committee, headed by Additional IG Mushtaq Sukhera, met with parent of deceased Sialkot brothers here on Monday to record their viewpoint on murder case.

Subsequently, the head of investigation committee told Geo News no grace and leniency would be extended to anyone among involved suspects in case.

Head of committee said even if the suspended DPO of Sialkot Wiqar Chauhan was found guilty, he will be sent behind bars.

Parent of deceased brothers expressed dissatisfaction over Punjab governments probe body but were fully confident over impartiality of Judicial Inquiry Team of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

They said they will extend cooperation with SC’s Judicial Inquiry Team.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rescue 1122 were involved in Sialkot murders by investigation officer. DAWN NEWS

"A member of the team investigating the Sialkot murders has said that the Rescue 1122 staff was involved in the boys’ lynching, television reports said on Thursday"

DIG Mubashar is a member of the team investigating the case in which two brothers were brutally murdered by a mob in Sialkot.

The mob attacked them after they were accused of carrying out an armed robbery and committing a murder.

Mubashar said the brothers, Mughees and Muneeb, had been handed over to the staff at Rescue 1122. He further said that Muneeb was injured and the staff at Rescue 1122 did not provide him with medical treatment.

If Muneeb had been shifted to the hospital, this incident might not have happened, Mubashar said, adding that Rescue 1122 staff was negligent of their duty.

Statements of more than 30 have been recorded during the initial investigation, DIG Mubashar said, adding that after the probe’s completion, a report will be presented to theATC.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


ISLAMABAD: More controversy has engulfed the barbaric killing of two brothers in Sialkot as now a federal minister says that the two victims of mob rage were not that innocent as being portrayed by the media.
Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Federal Minister for Population Welfare who also hails from Sialkot and this particular incident occurred in her own constituency, while talking to The News disclosed that she had met over five dozen villagers who were present when the incident took place and everyone had the same tale that these two boys were caught red-handed robbing the milk-seller brothers of whom one died the same day while the two sustained bullet injuries.
She said that all the politicians who visited Sialkot came for photo sessions only and condoled with the family of the two brothers but no one condoled with the family of Bilal, young innocent milk-seller who was killed by these two boys.
The federal minister said that the Supreme Court had constituted a commission to probe the incident so she would not directly give her own assessment. She, however, said that the recovered items from the boys included Rs65,000 cash; 17 National Identity Cards of various people; three different number plates of motor bikes and over hundred bullets.
Firdous said that the father of the two boys did not speak for three days after the death of his only two sons and on 18th August the uncle of the boys, Amjad Butt had to file the FIR with the police station. "His silence for three days is also meaningful," the minister held saying the father was even reluctant to receive the dead bodies.
"Forty-eight people have submitted their affidavits saying they were looted by the same two brothers who were being portrayed as innocent by the media," said Firdous Awan complaining that the media ran one-way traffic without highlighting the other side of the incident.
"I condoled with both the families and would appeal to the chief minister and Mian Nawaz Sharif not to play politics with the dead bodies and they should also visit the house of Bilal who was killed the same day in the morning when those two brothers were killed."
She said that the visitors told her whosoever recognized the boys, he/she threw shoes at the dead bodies of the two brothers saying he/she was looted by these two boys. 
"Police say that these boys used to rob the people on Saturdays and Sundays and on the same road because the main bazaar was nearby and the villagers carried cash to the market and were the soft targets," said Firdous adding: "The DPO thanked the people who killed the boys saying that these youths had given tough time to the police."
While explaining the incident Firdous said that the villagers had arrested the boys on the spot and brought them in the office of Rescue 1122 and it was announced in the mosques of village Butter that dacoits had been arrested so the whole village gathered in front of Rescue 1122 office. In the meantime a call from the hospital saying that the boy attacked by these two youths had died made the mob furious.
She said that in no way the brutal killing of those two boys could be termed a right act but one had to see why the mob acted so brutally.
Firdous said that she met an old lady who showed her torn ears saying that the two boys had snatched her gold earrings a week before their murder and when they were killed she also threw shoes at them after recognizing that they were the same who had looted her.
It is worth mentioning here that the Police Station Saddar, Sialkot confirmed that bullets and number plates and other things were recovered from these boys.
Zarar Butt, the uncle of the ill-fated boys told this correspondent that his nephews were innocent and only one incident of fighting had come to his knowledge with the boys of village, where they were killed and the brawl took place on a cricket match.
One eyewitness belonging to a government department had come to fore saying that the two young boys were innocent. Muhammad Shaukat, In charge Rescue 1122 station where this gruesome incident happened and who watched the whole incident, said that the two boys were innocent and it seemed that the opponents, who later transformed into a crazy mob, had been waiting for long to teach them a lesson.

Two police, 5 other killers of Sialkot brothers nabbed

SIALKOT: Police claimed to have arrested two police officers and five others who were present at a time when two young brothers were being beaten to death in Sialkot in public, Geo News reported Saturday.

According to police sources, police contingents have stepped up crackdowns with a view to apprehend six other police officials who were not only witnessing barbaric torture being perpetrated upon two innocent young brothers, which led to their death, but they also allowed killing by not interfering.

DPO Sialkot said five suspects involved in torturing both the brothers have been rounded up too.

It may be mentioned, two youths – real brothers and students, were beaten to death with baton in a broad day light in public while eight policemen were present and subsequently, their dead bodies were hanged upside down position at a chowke in Sialkot on Friday.

Meanwhile, SHO police, alleged mastermind of killing of two brothers, has fled away and is still at large, police sources said.


Executed two brothers at DPO Sialkot behest: Accused

Shams Ali, one of the accused involved in the barbaric killing of two-brothers in Sialkot has claimed that he carried out the murders at the behest of DPO Sialkot Waqar Chauhan.
He quoted the DPO as saying, “Go ahead and kill both them. Police will claim the responsibility of the two-brother’ death and declare it a result of an encounter.”
Shams Ali, one of the men involved in the ghastly act of publicly killing the two-brothers’ Hafiz Mughees and Muneeb Sajjad said that his 12-year old nephew also sustained injuries as a result of firing occurred before the episode of torture on the brothers.
The whole scene of barbarism was carried out `at the behest of DPO Sialkot Waqar Chauhan’, Shams claimed

WE WANT JUSTICE...Express Tribune

What brought on the animalistic instinct of the executors and the crowds of wide-eyed onlookers? Who were the crowd around the two bleeding, flailing bodies, as the young men were thrashed repeatedly and mercilessly?
As reported in a daily English paper, one of the accused said that the DPO, Waqar Chohan, present on the scene goaded the accused into partaking in the violence by saying “Go ahead and kill both of them. The police will claim responsibility for the killings and declare it a police encounter.”
But even if Chohan didn’t give his verbal approval, his presence during the lynching along with the other cops provided a silent nod of approval for the murderers to carry out their fury.
The police’s indifferent presence merely fueled the fire.
Acts of murder and violence carried out by wrathful mobs have been taking place for centuries. The French Revolution, the brutality that followed through the partition of India and Pakistan, groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazi gangs, religious fundamentalist groups, mobs of ordinary citizens who raise bloody murder against their governments, against other rival groups, against minorities – the list is endless.
Given this horrifying case, the question really is this: Why in God’s name did no one try to stop the atrocity from taking place? Why weren’t Mughees and Muneeb rescued?
Scottish journalist, Charles Mackay, in his book, ‘Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds’, says:
“Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”
From a psychological perspective, men resorting to ‘herd behaviour’ begin replicating acts that the rest of the ‘herd’ is carrying out.
For an individual, being part of a mob, means having a sort of sub-conscious security that no harm will befall him as he is one with the mob.
Sigmund Freud’s crowd behaviour theory sheds light on how when individuals act collectively as a group, their enthusiasm is increased, leading to a breakdown in individual thinking.
This allows collective thinking and a collective approach to overrule. Therefore, the individual stands blinded. He is stripped naked of his self-awareness for those fleeting minutes or hours and this is when he allows himself to be ‘led’ by the herd.
Regarding mob psychology and crowd behaviour, the theories are numerous and intriguing. Once studied, the motives behind heinous acts of violence on innocent people by mobs can be better understood.
Regarding Mughees and Muneeb, justice must follow through swiftly. Or else, tomorrow other victims like Mughees and Muneeb can fall prey to acts of violence in an already ruptured society.