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Saturday, August 28, 2010


After the arrest of Gulzar Ahmed, the 17 suspects that were accused in the FIR report of participating in the Sialkot incident were also arrested.

Recently in Sialkot, two young boys were beaten and hung to death by a crowd while the police stood by and watched the incident take place.

After the arrest of Gulzar Ahmed, the 17 suspects that were accused in the FIR report of participating in the Sialkot incident were also arrested.

According to a Dawn correspondent, new developments of the case will be expected tomorrow. 

Police sources said among the arrested people included Muhammad Akram (33), who had tied the arms and legs of Muneeb Butt and Mughees Butt who were later lynched by a mob on pretext of their role in a robbery and murder in the village. 

Police quoted Akram as saying that he had got ropes from Rescue 1122 officials on Daska Road and tied up the hands and legs of the two brothers.

He said the village mob, infuriated at the death of their village fellow by some robbers on resistance, dragged the youths on various roads and later lynched them at Doburji Malhiyaan Chowk, a few yards from Rescue 1122 Sialkot station. 

Twenty-one people have been arrested by police in the case. Police have yet to arrest 14 policemen nominated in the case for their alleged role in the lynching. 

On Sunday, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had given a 48-hour deadline to police officials to arrest the fugitive police officials, which expired on Tuesday without any development. 

According to the first information report, then Sadar station house officer (SHO) Rana Ilyas, sub-inspector Gulzar Khan, four assistant sub-inspectors and eight constables showed negligence in the incident. Police arrested the SHO who later fled the police custody on Aug 21. 

Inspector General Tariq Saleem Dogar visited Sialkot late on Monday. He told reporters all accused would be dealt with iron fist. He said he was monitoring the investigation of the incident. 

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has suspended former Sialkot district police officer (DPO) Waqar Ahmad Chohan on the recommendations of Mr Sharif. 

A three-pronged inquiry is going on into the case. 
JI threats
Following alleged threats of violence by the public and Jamaat-i-Islami and Shabab-i-Milli activists, police have been deployed at village Buttar to avert any untoward incident. The families of the suspects have gone underground in a bid to avert their possible arrests. 

Senior police officials say they had got information that the public, including Jamaat-i-Islami and Shabab-i-Milli activists, might set the village on fire.

Judicial commission completes probeThe special judicial commission on Tuesday completed inquiry into the lynching tragedy.

Constituted by Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the commission will submit the report with its recommendations to the apex court.

The commission recorded the statements of more than 113 people, including members of the grieved family, police officials, journalists, doctors, Rescue 1122 officials and the district administration officials.

At a press conference, judicial commission head Justice Kazim Ali Malik (retired) said the probe was transparent and impartial. He said the apex court would bring the culprits to book.

Justice Kazim, the Anti-Corruption Punjab director general, said he would submit the report to the Supreme Court within a couple of days.

He said the report had details of inquiry and recommendations by the judicial commission.


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  2. Pakistan needs a revolution it doesnt need anyone else telling it what it should and sholuldnt do pakistan needs to change its political system this lynching should be done to the cops who watched and allowed this to happen. to the politians who sold out their own country, blood for money...for a substance they can take with them. they have no value for human life. I am personally willing to give money to make sure that all that inflicting these life taking blows to these innocent brothers....anger never solved any problem these people took their anger for the loose of their brother in a robbery and took it out on two innocent brothers..what they didnt know was that these two brothers have millions of brothers and sisters who will avenge their deaths and will pray day and night for them..may allah grant them paradise ameen...all that stood around watched werent muslim as no muslim who has a fast can watch such a thing without saying stop its the month of anger is with the police officers who are now on the run...they should be hunted down as animals and beaten to death with sticks for i will personal leave america to come and beat these people dead. i pray day and night that all the police officers are found as to my understanding police in pakistan is the biggest criminals in pakistan.

  3. yea i agree with everything u ssaid.. pakistan does need a change... and it needs it fast.. can u believe the police are trying to protect there own by saying these boys werent innocent..

  4. yes i two agree with radical Change not just slogans
    uproot of current unstable corrupt system
    And re-placed with a system that compliment muslim (Islamic)Behviour...Caliphate (KHILAFAH RASHIDUN)