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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rescue 1122 were involved in Sialkot murders by investigation officer. DAWN NEWS

"A member of the team investigating the Sialkot murders has said that the Rescue 1122 staff was involved in the boys’ lynching, television reports said on Thursday"

DIG Mubashar is a member of the team investigating the case in which two brothers were brutally murdered by a mob in Sialkot.

The mob attacked them after they were accused of carrying out an armed robbery and committing a murder.

Mubashar said the brothers, Mughees and Muneeb, had been handed over to the staff at Rescue 1122. He further said that Muneeb was injured and the staff at Rescue 1122 did not provide him with medical treatment.

If Muneeb had been shifted to the hospital, this incident might not have happened, Mubashar said, adding that Rescue 1122 staff was negligent of their duty.

Statements of more than 30 have been recorded during the initial investigation, DIG Mubashar said, adding that after the probe’s completion, a report will be presented to theATC.


  1. speechless ,my heart bleeds ... so innocent boys are not dakosss... may their souls rest in peace ameen

  2. same heart is crying!

  3. Dakoo or not. We Are all Humans - and Islam means PEACE ! We don't have the right to take a live that God gave to this World !!!

  4. karbla incident happened again...innocent kids were killed brutally....we are in azab-e khudawandi

  5. i hate those people who involved in this murder ..sham on sialkot ....police iz also bustured in sialokot ...where iz the humanity ???where iz the muslimss ????this question 2 the whole world ....we will get justice at the price of our blood inshallah .......may their souls rest in peace ...ameeeeeen....

  6. i hate sailkot people

  7. severe hatred for sialkot people, memebers of shariat-e-Mohammadi present at the sight, bastard police officers...shame on everybody..I fucking hate you so-called thekedaar of Islam.
    May there be God's vengeance upon all of you involved.