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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Supreme Court began hearing Sialkot Case: Brothers innocent, evidence tampered, Judicial Inquiry Report

SIALKOTThe judicial inquiry in the Sialkot lynching case declared the murdered brothers as innocent and revealed that doctors had tampered with evidence.
The Supreme Court began hearing the Sialkot lynching case on Wednesday, and an inquiry report prepared by Justice (retired) Kazim Malik was submitted before the court.

The report asserted that the brothers were not robbers. It also said that medical officer Dr Farooq and investigation officer Shamsher Bokhari had destroyed vital evidence related to the case.

The report further suggested that a proper medical check up of the deceased brother should be conducted. It also recommended stern action against the medical and investigation officers.

The Supreme Court adjourned the hearing into the Sialkot lynching case till tomorrow.

Sialkot Police and Rescue 1122 reportedly blamed each other for the August 15 incident while recording their statements to the inquiry committee.

According to officials who were part of the investigations, Rescue 1122’s suspended officials told them that Rescue 1122 had repeatedly asked Saddar police officials to take custody of the brothers who had been handed over to Rescue 1122 officials by locals.

“The brothers were brought to the rescue office on Daska Road by people who said that they were suspects in an armed robbery,” said an official according to reports.

Rescue officials, while recording their statements, also said that the Sialkot Saddar Police had reached after a long delay.

It was a result of this delay that the infuriated mob had been able to storm into the Rescue 1122 station and taken the two suspects out on the road where they were beaten up, said officials of the inquiry committee.

On the other hand, police officials blamed Rescue 1122 personnel of being cowards and said that they should never have allowed the mob to grab hold of the youths.

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